Our goal was to create an initiative that would provide a unified voice for all members of the community as we work together to keep each other safe and healthy. 

As a participating business and organization, we will provide you with materials and resources you can use to share messaging and engage your contacts with “Together Indiana.”  

You can sign up here to become a partner.  You will also be able to subscribe to receive the latest information and updates regarding efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19, being undertaken not only by the Borough but by you, our partner organizations as well. Additionally, any business that signs on to the campaign will have their business highlighted on this partner page with a link back to your business, extending your message reach and helping more community members connect with the fight against coronavirus.  

Some of the materials you’ll receive for usage include signage you can place in your storefront, along with social media graphics to help you promote your involvement, sharing with your followers why you’re involved. The campaign will also follow and share your social promotions highlighting your work with “Together Indiana.”  To get involved, please send an email to [email protected].

We are only as strong as each of you, our community members. Working together, we will help to maintain our economy, care for our citizens, respond to community needs, and continue to efficiently provide services and resources to the residents and businesses we serve.   

Let’s stay well, together Indiana.  



ARIN Intermediate Unit 28

Downtown Indiana

Indiana County Center for Economic Operations

Indiana County Chamber of Commerce 

Indiana County Department of Human Services

Indiana County Tourist Bureau 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

Romeo’s Pizzeria & Mediterranean Kitchen



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